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Producer Profile - Foston Nurseries

Organic local eggsFoston Nurseries is located in in the village of Foston on the Wolds.

Owned by the lovely Jenny Webb they grow tomatoes and climbing french beans in season, but are best known for their fantastic organic and genuinely free range eggs.

Jenny tells us:  “At the moment we have about 170 chickens and are in the process of buying some new chicks due to increased demand. We are completely organic and care passionately about where our hens come from and obviously they need to be from a trusted organic source.

We like to keep under 250 hens overall so that we can properly care for them. Our chickens are outside most of the time on our three-and-a-half acre land. We have three flocks, an older flock which live to a ripe old age, a middle flock and a young flock of about 18 months.”

The hen keeping process...

Each flock has three grazing paddocks and they are rotated around then to optimise their health. Jenny does not use any pesticides or medication (Foston are registered with the Soil Association) so they need extra love and care – they are checked at least four times a day.  In the day they are grazing on their paddocks and at the end of the day Jenny collects the eggs and they trundle off to bed.

Jenny tells us “Their egg production is governed by natural daylight hours so they are laying a few more in the Spring and Summer because they are aware that the day is longer. They love the light and we let them out at 7am. They are well fed using a combination of organic pellets, as well as a tasty and healthy grain from the Organic Side Oven Bakery, which is a natural by product of their breads etc. “

If you have never tried the eggs, it is truly an amazing eggsperience (!). They are big, juicy and tasty,   all graded by hand and weighed by Jenny. She says: “Sometimes they are so big that you will see ‘very, very large’ on the box - we have to be careful not to stack those boxes as they will get crushed!” Jenny concludes – “our largest eggs are sometimes 108g. When you think that a medium egg weighs  53-63g, large is 63-73g and extra large is over 73g, 108g  is very very large – that chicken has had a nice job on her hands!!! “

Try them for yourself and order some organic local eggs from Jenny here.

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