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Producer Profile - Green Growers

Who Are They?
Located in Nafferton, near Driffield, Green Growers is owned and operated by Dr Gwen Egginton, who developed a real passion for organics when studying for her PhD in Soil Science at Edinburgh. Gwen was a VSO in Tanzania when she started growing.

Gwen is originally from Yorkshire and returned 19 years ago, after living in Scotland, Hertfordshire and Teaching in Tanzania. She has been growing for over 25 years.

What Do They Grow?
Gwen manages a very aesthetically pleasing one acre plot, and grows a variety of produce including kale, apples, strawberries, jerusalem artichokes, and radishes. In addition to this, she produces excellent and rather unique salad packs that are available from spring until late autumn through our organic box deliveries - we think they are her crowning glory!. The salad packs are hand assembled, and contain a variety of tasty organic salad leaves, most of which you will never find in the supermarkets. Gwen is a real expert and knows each varierty extremely well, how it grows, where it's from, and also has a wealth of excellent information about nutrition. She blends the varieties each week for flavour, according to growing habits (eg. she knows how to extend the life of a salad item by picking the optimal amount) and also for aesthetics and variety - her packs are assembled with thought and care and visually we compare them to a bunch of flowers!.

Gwen's Philosophy
"I am a strong advocate of closed unit growing - this basically means that everything produced here is self sufficient so I do not bring anything in from the outside. The fertiliser is a combination of my own chicken manure, organic plant manure (green manure), and really the natural cycle of growing - I rotate crops, and because I understand soil chemistry, I know how to work with that. Also some plants that tend to seed themselves naturally, and key ones are left if I know that they will help with the growing process. It's harmonious. Lots of plants, in the right environment, pretty much do the jobs themselves :)".

Why Organic?
"I feel very strongly about the organic movement. My closed unit approach is living proof that you don't need manufactured or artificial chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers to grow great produce. I'm passionate about spreading that message and like to pass on knowlege - I often have volunteers here for the day to teach them about growing, and also teach on the Soil Association Apprentice Scheme. (Gwen has an MSc in Soil Chemistry and a Phd in Soil Science). I didn't like what I saw when I was studying for  my PhD in Soil Science at Edinburgh and got really worried at the direction that agriculture was taking and what it was doing to the soil."

The team at Arthur's Organics have worked with Gwen for nearly ten years, and we are huge fans of her produce. Her salad packs have to be seen and tasted to be believed, and we're not the only ones - she currently supplies restaurants like the Naked Fish in Hull, and various other shops and wholesale customers in the region, as well as running her own box scheme for those in the Bridlington and Driffield area and surrounding villages.

If you're interested in buying great produce then check out our organic shop to see which delights are in your box this week.

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