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Below is a complete list of our products.

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Please note you do not need a PayPal account to place your order, simply follow the instructions at the left hand side of the screen when you check out - " Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue"

If you require bespoke items that are not on the below list, please call us on 07949 805695 or e-mail and we will send you an individual invoice for on-line payment.

We ask for orders to be in to us by 5pm on Fridays for delivery the following week, or you can place a regular standing order for a weekly or fortnightly delivery and we will send you an e-mail reminder to pay on-line.If you are out when we are likely to deliver we will try to leave the box in a safe place and you can pay on-line as soon as possible. Chilled items (such as our own Organic Hummus) will be kept in a cool box until delivery to your door, please leave a cool-box out for milk etc should you deem it necessary. Cancellations for regular orders need to be notified by 5pm on the Friday preceding delivery, otherwise we may have to charge for the goods ordered. Please return boxes and Bio-d bottles for re-use! Please note that our delivery range is limited to within a 12 mile radius of Hull, please contact us for details of delivery days and approximate times.


ORGANIC VEG BOXES w/c 20th September 2010

Example Small
Veg Box

Small Veg Box - 750g local Cara Potatoes, 300g Onions, 300g Carrots, x1 Savoy Cabbage, 300g local Tomatoes, 350g Leeks.

Example Medium Veg Box

Medium Veg Box - 1kg local Cara Potatoes, 400g Onions, 400g Carrots, x1 local Marrow, 200g Brown Mushrooms, x1 Savoy Cabbage, 300g local Tomatoes, 350g Leeks.

Example Large
Veg Box

Large Veg Box - 1.5kg local Cara Potatoes, 400g Onions, 400g Carrots, x1 local Marrow, 200g Brown Mushrooms, x1 local Salad Leaf pack, x1 Celery, x1 Savoy Cabbage, 300g local Tomatoes, 350g Leeks.

Example Extra Large Veg Box
Extra Large Veg Box - 1.5kg local Cara Potatoes, 400g Onions, 400g Carrots, x1 local Marrow, 200g Brown Mushrooms, x1 local Salad Leaf pack, x1 Celery, x1 Cucumber, x1 bunch Radishes, x1 Savoy Cabbage, 500g local Tomatoes, 350g Leeks.
  Basil bunch x1- Local (Rise)
  Mint - Peppermint 25g - Yorkshire
  Oregano bunch x1- Local (Rise)
  Herb Selection 25g - Wetherby
  Parsley Curly bunch x1- Local (Rise)
  Parsley Flat bunch x1- Local (Rise)
  Thyme bunch x1- Local (Rise)
  Beans French Flat 250g - UK
  Beans French Flat 500g - UK
  Beans French Round 250g - Yorkshire
  Beans French Round 500g - Yorkshire
  Beetroot 500g - Local (Great Hatfield near Hornsea)
  Beetroot 1kg - Local (Great Hatfield near Hornsea)
  Cabbage x1 - Local (Great Hatfield near Hornsea)
  Cabbage Savoy x1 - UK
  Cabbage Spring Greens x1 - Yorkshire
Carrots 500g - Yorkshire
Carrots 1kg - Yorkshire
Carrots bunched (approx 500g) x1 - UK
  Cauliflower Green (small) x1 - UK
  Cauliflower x1 - UK
  Cavelonero x1 - UK
  Celery x1 - UK
  Chard 500g - Local (Rise)
  Courgettes 500g - Local (Rise)
  Courgettes 1kg - Local (Rise)
  Cucumber x1 - Yorkshire
Cucumber mini x1 - Wetherby
  Garlic 100g - Spain
Ginger 100g - Chile
  Kale 400g - Yorkshire
  Kohl Rabi x1 - Yorkshire
  Leeks 500g - Tadcaster
  Leeks 1kg - Tadcaster
  Lettuce Green Batavia x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Red Batavia x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Crisp x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Cos x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Gems (doubles) x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Red Butterhead x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Green Oakleaf x1 - Yorkshire
  Lettuce Red Oakleaf x1 - Yorkshire
  Marrow x1 - Yorkshire
Mushrooms Brown 200g - UK
Onions 500g - Yorkshire
Onions 1kg - Yorkshire
Onions Red 500g - Egypt
Onions Red 1kg - Egypt
Pak Choi x1 - Yorkshire
Parsnips 500g - Yorkshire
Parsnips 1kg - Yorkshire
Potatoes Desiree Red 1kg - Yorkshire
Potatoes Desiree Red 5kg - Yorkshire
Potatoes Cara 1kg - Local (Great Hatfield near Hornsea)
Potatoes Cara 5kg - Local (Great Hatfield near Hornsea)
  Radish bunch x1 - UK
  Salad Leaf pack x1 - Local (Nafferton)
  Sorrel 200g - Yorkshire
  Spinach 350g - Tadcaster
  Spring Onions x1 bunch - Tadcaster
  Sprouts Alfalfa 115g - UK
  Sprouts Alfalfa & Broccoli 115g - UK
  Sprouts Alfalfa & Radish 115g - UK
Sprouts Aduki 230g - UK
Sprouts Chickpea 230g - UK
  Sprouts Mixed 230g - UK
  Sprouts Mung 230g - UK
  Sprouts Alfalfa, Sango Radish & Mixed 200g - UK
  Sprouts Sunflower 115g - UK
  Squash Summer x1 - Local (Rise)
  Squash Custard White x1 - Yorkshire
  Sweetcorn x1 - Yorkshire
Tomatoes 500g - Local (Foston on the Wolds)
Tomatoes 1kg - Local (Foston on the Wolds)
  Tomatoes Cherry 250g - Spain
  Tomatoes Vine 500g - Yorkshire
  Tomatoes Vine 1kg - Yorkshire
  Turnips 500g - Yorkshire
  Turnips 1kg - Yorkshire
  Watercress bunch x1 - UK
Apples Bramley 500g - Local (Nafferton)
Apples Bramley 1kg - Local (Nafferton)
Apples Discovery 500g - UK
Apples Discovery 1kg - UK
Apples Gala 500g - Argentina
Apples Gala 1kg - Argentina
Apples Granny Smith 500g - South Africa
Apples Granny Smith 1kg - South Africa
Apples Worcester 500g - UK
Apples Worcester 1kg - UK
Avocado Hass 300g - South Africa
Bananas 500g - Dominican Republic
Bananas 1kg - Dominican Republic
  Grapefruit Star Ruby 500g - South Africa
  Grapes Red Globe 250g - Spain
  Kiwi 250g - Italy
Lemons 250g - Spain
  Limes 250g - Dominican Republic
  Melon Honeydew x1 - Sicily
Oranges 500g - South Africa
Oranges 1kg - South Africa
Pears Bosc 500g - Argentina
Pears Bosc 1kg - Argentina
Pears Dr Jules 500g - UK
Pears Dr Jules 1kg - UK
  Pineapple x1 - Ivory Coast
  Plums Golden Globe 500g - Spain
  Rhubarb 500g - Local (Rise)
ORGANIC & VEGAN BREAD (please order before 10am Friday)
Campagne Sourdough 800g
Malted Grain Loaf 800g
Malted Grain Loaf 400g
Mixed Seed Loaf 800g linseed, poppy, sesame
Mixed Seed Loaf 400g linseed, poppy, sesame
Spelt Loaf 800g
Spelt Loaf 400g
Sourdough Rye Loaf 800g wheat-free
Sourdough Rye Loaf 400g wheat-free
Wholewheat Loaf 800g stoneground
Wholewheat Loaf 400g stoneground
White Loaf 800g
White Loaf 400g
NON-ORGANIC LOCAL BREAD (only available for Tuesday deliveries)
  Local Olde Yorkshire White
  Local Wolds Baton
  Local 100% Wholemeal
  Local Six Cereal Brown
  Local Malted Brown (Granary)
  Local Walnut Cob
  Local Caramelised Onion & Cheddar
  Local Light Rye Boule
  Local Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia
  Local Real Yorkshire Teacakes
Lye Cross Caerphilly 245g
  Lye Cross Cheshire 245g
  Lye Cross Mature Cheddar 245g
  Lye Cross Medium Cheddar 245g
  Lye Cross Mild Cheddar 245g
  Lye Cross Vintage Cheddar 245g
  Lye Cross Double Gloucester 245g
  Lye Cross Red Leicester 245g
Lye Cross Wensleydale 245g
  Lye Cross Stilton 150g
  Lye Cross Double Gloucester with onions and chives 180g
  Lye Cross Mature Cheddar (oak smoked) 180g
  Eggs - Medium x6
  Eggs - Large x6
  Double Cream 140ml
  Double Cream 280ml
  Double Cream 500ml
  Single Cream 140ml
  Single Cream 280ml
  Single Cream 500ml
  Whipping Cream 500ml
  Full Cream Milk 500ml
  Full Cream Milk 1 Litre
  Full Cream Milk 2 Litre
  Semi-skimmed Milk 500ml
  Semi-skimmed Milk 1 Litre
  Semi-skimmed Milk 2 Litre
  Skimmed Milk 500ml
  Skimmed Milk 1 Litre
  Yeo Valley Butter 250g
  Acorn Butter (roll) 250g
  Provamel (red) Soya Milk 1 Litre
  Rice Dream - original rice milk 1 Litre
  Botton Village Apple Juice 568ml
  Sunita Lemon Juice 1Litre
  Organic Village Pomegranate Juice 1Litre
  Shepley Spring Still Water 2 Litre
  Shepley Spring Sparkling Water 2 Litre
  Whole Earth Cola 330ml
  Whole Earth Lemonade 330ml
  Whole Earth Sparkling Ginger 330ml
  Green & Blacks Hot Chocolate 300g
  Equal Exchange Tea Bags x80
  Botton Village Blackcurrant Jelly 340g
  Botton Village Redcurrant Jelly 340g
Botton Village Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam 340g
Botton Village Blackcurrant Jam 340g
  Botton Village Orange Marmalade 340g
  Botton Village Plum Jam 340g
  Botton Village Raspberry Jam 340g
Botton Village Strawberry Jam 340g
Suma Savoury Herb Pate 200g
  Suma Mushroom Pate 200g
Suma Peanut Butter - crunchy/salted 340g
  Suma Peanut Butter - crunchy/unsalted 340g
  Suma Peanut Butter - smooth/salted 340g
  Suma Peanut Butter - smooth/unsalted 340g
Sunita Light Tahini 340g
  Dried Apricots 250g
  Currants 250g
  Currants 500g
  Dates 250g
Dried Figs 250g
  Pitted Prunes 250g
  Raisins 250g
  Raisins 500g
  Sultanas 250g
  Sultanas 500g
  Tropical Wholefoods Sundried Mango 100g
  Almonds 125g
  Almonds 250g
  Brazil Nuts 125g
  Brazil Nuts 250g
  Whole Cashews 125g
  Coconut Dessicated 125g
  Hazelnuts 125g
  Golden Linseed 250g
  Golden Linseed 500g
  Omega Mix 250g
  Omega Mix 500g
Suma Walnuts 125g
  Walnuts 250g
  Pumpkin Seeds 250g
  Sesame Seeds 250g
  Sunflower Seeds 250g
  Sunflower Seeds 500g
  Bombay Mix 125g
  Suma Tinned Butter Beans 400g
  Suma Tinned Chick Peas 400g
  Suma Tinned Red Kidney Beans 400g
  Suma Tinned Green Lentils 400g
  Suma Tinned Mixed Beans 400g
  Suma Tinned Chopped Tomatoes 400g
  Suma Tinned Cherry Tomatoes 400g
  Suma Tinned Sweetcorn 326g
  Suma Tinned Carrot & Coriander Soup 400g
  Suma Tinned Minestrone Soup 400g
  Suma Tinned Pea Soup 400g
  Suma Tinned Spicy Lentil Soup 400g
  Suma Tinned Tomato & Red Pepper Soup 400g
  Suma Tinned Tomato Soup 400g
  La Bio-Idea White Fusilli Pasta 500g
  La Bio-Idea White Spaghetti 500g
La Bio-Idea Wholewheat Penne 500g
  La Bio-Idea Wholewheat Spaghetti 500g
  Strong Wholemeal Flour 1.5kg
  White Spelt Flour 1.5kg
  Wholemeal Spelt Flour 1.5kg
  Superior White Unbleached Blended Flour 1.5kg
  Muesli 1kg
  Oatbran 500g
  Oatmeal medium 500g
  Oats Jumbo 500g
  Oats Jumbo 1kg
  Porridge Oats 500g
  Porridge Oats 1kg
  Chick Peas 500g
  Couscous 500g
  Suma Red Lentils 500g
  Millet Grain 500g
  Millet Flakes 500g
  Popcorn 500g
  Quinoa 500g
Suma Long Grain Brown Rice 500g
  Long Grain Brown Rice 1kg
  Short Grain Brown Rice 500g
  Brown Basmati Rice 500g
Suma White Basmati Rice 500g
  Wheatgrain 500g
  Midsummer Sunflower Oil 1Litre
  Suma Passata 690g
  Suma Passata & Basil 690g
  Yakso Tamari Soy Sauce 250ml
  Traidcraft Raw Cane Sugar 500g
  Suma Green Pesto 160g
  Arthur St Trading - Hummus 200g
  Arthur St Trading - Hummus with Sundried Tomatoes 200g
  Ecover Laundry Bleach 400g
  Soapods - Soap Nuts 190g
  Bio-d Concentrated Wash Powder 1kg refill
  Bio-d Concentrated Wash Powder 2kg refill
  Bio-d Fabric Conditioner 1Litre
  Bio-d Laundry Liquid 1Litre
  Bio-d Multi-Surface Cleaner 1Litre
  Bio-d Toilet Cleaner 1Litre
  Bio-d Washing-Up Liquid 1Litre
  Bio-d General Purpose Polish 750ml
  Toms of Maine Flouride-free Spearmint Toothpaste 85ml
  Toms of Maine Flouride-free Fennel Toothpaste 85ml
  Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap x1
  Glycerine Soap - Hemp Oil & Vitamin E - 90g
  Glycerine Soap - Rose & Geranium - 90g
  Glycerine Soap - Grapefruit & Aloe Vera - 90g
  Glycerine Soap - White Lavender - 90g
  Suma Kitchen Roll (twin pack)
  Suma Ecosoft Toilet Roll (4 pack)
  Suma Ecosoft Toilet Roll (9 pack)
  D2W 100% Degradable Swing Bin Liners x15
  D2W 100% Degardable Refuse Sacks x10
  Aluminium Foil 100% Recycled 30cm x 15.5m
  Earth Friendly Baby Wipes - biodegrable & fragrance free x40
  Moltex Eco - disposable nappies - Mini - 3kg - 6kg x48
  Moltex Eco - disposable nappies - Midi - 4kg - 9kg x44
  Moltex Eco - disposable nappies - Maxi - 7kg - 18kg x42
  Moltex Eco - disposable nappies - Junior - 11kg - 25kg x36
  Natracare sanitary towels regular x14
  Natracare sanitary towels super x12
  Natracare night-time pads x10
  Natracare tampons regular x20
  Natracare tampons super x20
  Natracare applicator tampons regular x16
  Natracare applicator tampons super x16

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