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Please note that we will be closed for holidays in the last two weeks of September. After the deliveries have been completed on Wednesday 16th September we will be away from the office until Wednesday 30th September; as such there will be no deliveries made during the weeks commencing 21st or 28th September. Our usual rounds of deliveries will recommence in the week commencing 5th October and we will send out the pricelists for that week on Thursday 1st October.

We can accept a limited number of new customers but please bear with us... if we are inundated with orders we will have to let you know by email whether a delivery slot is available for the coming week. Please continue to place your orders after the website has been updated each Thursday for produce available for the following week. Orders placed before the updates do not reflect changes in price and availability. If we are unable to deliver any items ordered we will refund you through our paypal site. Any orders received after the 6pm deadline each Friday will be refunded.

If you experience any problems when placing your order through the website please try downloading the spreadsheet pricelist and use the 'quantity required' column to insert your orders. Please then save the document again and email it back to us. You are also welcome to send your order as a list by email to

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Organic Fruit Items - w/c 14th September 2020.

Orders must be placed by 6pm Friday 11th September.

Click here to order by excel spreadsheet instead.

Apples Cripps Pink 500g - Argentina
Apples Cripps Pink 1kg - Argentina
Apples Discovery 500g - UK
Apples Discovery 1kg - UK
Apples Red Delicious 500g - Argentina
Apples Red Delicious 1kg - Argentina
Apples James Grieve 500g - UK
Apples James Grieve 1kg - UK
Apples Lord Lambourne 500g - UK
Apples Lord Lambourne 1kg - UK
Apples Local 500g - Densholme Farm, Great Hatfield (near Hornsea)
Apples Local 1kg - Densholme Farm, Great Hatfield (near Hornsea)
Apples Red Devil 500g - UK
Apples Red Devil 1kg - UK
Apples Scrumptious 500g - UK
Apples Scrumptious 1kg - UK
Apples Cookers 500g - Local (Nafferton)
Apples Cookers 1kg - Local (Nafferton)
Apples Juicing 500g - Various
Apples Juicing 1kg - Various
Avocado 500g - Mexico
Avocado 1kg - Mexico
Bananas 500g - Dominican Republic
Bananas 1kg - Dominican Republic
Bananas 18kg - Dominican Republic
Grapefruit 500g - South Africa
Grapefruit 1kg - South Africa
Grapes Red Globe 250g - Spain
Grapes Red Globe 500g - Spain
Grapes Red Globe 1kg - Spain
Grapes Green Victoria 250g - Spain
Grapes Green Victoria 500g - Spain
Grapes Green Victoria 1kg - Spain
Kiwi 250g - South Africa
Kiwi 500g - South Africa
Kiwi 1kg - South Africa
Lemons 250g - South Africa
Lemons 500g - South Africa
Lemons 1kg -South Africa
Limes 250g - Mexico
Limes 500g - Mexico
Limes 1kg - Mexico
Mandarins 500g - South Africa
Mandarins 1kg - South Africa
Melon Galia x1 - Spain
Oranges 500g - South Africa
Oranges 1kg - South Africa
Pears Conference 500g - UK
Pears Conference 1kg - UK
Pears Merton Pride 500g - UK
Pears Merton Pride 1kg - UK
Pears Onward 500g - UK
Pears Onward 1kg - UK
Plums Red Larian 500g - Spain
Plums Red Larian 1kg - Spain
Plums Sungold 500g - Spain
Plums Sungold 1kg - Spain
Coconut x1 - Thailand

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Organic veg box delivery

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