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Hull’s Arthur St Trading Offers Organic Veg Box Promotion To Encourage Healthy Eating

The Arthur St Trading Co is giving a free fruit or veg box away when you try their produce over the summer, to encourage the people of Hull to eat healthier and feel the difference.

Hull, 5th June 2009 – Hull based Co-operative, Arthur St Trading Company, today announced a new incentive to help the people of Hull to eat healthier and more local, and generate awareness of organic growers in Yorkshire.  The promotion is designed to challenge the often common belief that organic or local food is no tastier than non-organic, and promote the fact that people tend to feel better and healthier if they prepare and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

The company, that was among the final candidates at the Outstanding Young Persons Awards 2008 for their achievement in ethical leadership, reinvests all profits back in to the co-op and has a passion for sustainability.   Their approach supports local and organic farming, which avoids the use of pesticides, and helps the environment.

Arthur St Trading Company Director, Graham Brooks said “There is still a lot of news around at the moment surrounding the credit crunch, and an endless promotion of cheap food from the supermarkets. Our theory is that eating healthier is a simple change you can make in your life to feel better!. Research from the Soil Association has shown people who do buy some organic produce are not cutting back on un-processed organic food, but are tending to cut back on leisure spending and ready-meal / prepared products. This is a strong indicator that they FEEL the difference by eating organic, and so we believe that your quality of life can be better with a fresher more organic diet.”

The Soil Association reported this year that although sales are down overall, consumers are getting smarter and saving money by cooking from scratch and cutting waste. Their research shows that over a quarter of customers that don’t currently buy organic 'would like to know more about organic products than they do'. Alison Wileman, Interactive Marketer for Arthur St Trading said “To me this statement illustrates how powerful the media can be. There is so much conflict and debate about organics, it’s confusing most consumers. The upshot is that we care about people’s health, local businesses, and how our customers feel. Many people believe that eating organic food can make you feel better, and a growing body of research as cited by the Soil Association shows that organic fruit and vegetables contain higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals, as well as cancer fighting antioxidants and Omega 3.  At the end of the day, if you were presented with two lettuces, one that had been sprayed with pesticides, coated with chemicals to make it last longer, and travelled quite a few hundred miles, compared with one that has been grown in Yorkshire using naturally occurring substances or traditional methods used for centuries, which one would you choose?. We’re just asking people to actually taste the food, and see if they can tell the difference”.

Arthur St Trading Company know from some of their own customer feedback that once customers start to eat more fresh produce, they are reluctant to compromise by purchasing fruit and vegetables that could potentially have been grown in artificial conditions and sprayed with a myriad of chemicals. However for those that haven’t converted, or indeed for those that simply cannot afford it, what is the answer?

As Graham told us “To put it strongly, whilst we recognise that our produce is more expensive than non-organic we do compare very well with the supermarket organic ranges and are often much cheaper. You will usually find that items like our salads are from down the road, whilst Tesco’s lettuces are from Cambridgeshire. We can source some of our products very effectively and obtain a lot of seasonal produce from local growers in places like Rise and Nafferton. We pass those savings on to customers. When you also add up the free delivery (instead of you taking the car, we use a solar charged milk float for a proportion of our deliveries where we can) and the fact that many of our products are simply not available in the supermarkets, we feel we have a very powerful offering.

“On another note, we are very mindful of those families that are struggling financially, and we are hoping to get involved with a funded scheme that will help certain families obtain produce at a reduced rate”

The company itself did see a significant downturn in sales with the onset of the credit crunch last year, although an online buying shop created in September 2008 saw a 20% increase in new customers. 
The promotion is available now at until 31st August 2009. Customers receive a free fourth veg box when they buy three by 31st August.2009


More information:

Ten reasons to go organic – Soil Association

For more information & ordering please visit or call 07949 805695


Media contact – Alison Wileman, Tel 07981 300531, e-mail

About The Arthur St Trading Co
The award winning Arthur St Trading Co Ltd has been operating in Hull for nearly ten years as a workers Co-operative that invests profits back in to the Co-operative, delivering organic & locally grown (where possible), fresh produce and groceries to homes within a fifteen mile radius of the city. Recently runner up in the ‘Ethical Leadership’ category of the Outstanding Young Persons Awards, Arthur St Trading Company see saving food miles as a priority, and the majority of deliveries are made by a converted milk float.  Solar panels on the roof of the building help to charge the float and provide power to the workshop. Arthur St Trading Co also manufactures a market leading, hand-made organic hummus that is available nationwide from independent wholefood outlets. The hummus is made in Hull and each week the staff freshly craft the product by hand in three flavours – Original, Sun Dried Tomato, and Kalamata Olive.

Fruit and vegetable boxes start from £6 and delivery is free. 

Visit for more information.


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