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Producer Profile - Slater's Organics

Who Are They?
Located in a wonderful 18th Century walled garden in Rise (near Skirlaugh), Bob (in the picture below), his wife Jane, along with their children William, Harry and Mary, have owned and operated Slater Organics since 1997.

What Do They Grow?

Committed strongly to organic growing, the family are responsible for lots of the delicious produce that appear in our organic box deliveries (when available), such as sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, squashes, kale, leeks, rhubarb and onions. When discussing local growers, Bob told us "We don't tend to stick to the same vegetables here at Slater Organics, we have a general range which keeps it interesting, and our four year rotation plan encourages us to grow a wide variety of produce. The local growers in this region tend to work in harmony, for example we do not grow potatoes as Tony at Barmston takes care of that, and Jenny Webb at Foston on the Wolds produces fantastic greenhouse produce such as courgettes, tomatoes and chillis, so we find it's a really nice holistic blend".

Slater Organics Philosophy
We are really commmitted to local produce and have always promoted organics. We believe in health, for us, and our plants! - a healthy plant is a fresh, great tasting one, so we grow our produce without aggressive farming methods or chemicals, and we feel this produces a better plant.

Why Organic?
We believe organics are better. Everything is natural in our garden and we don't kill anything, we work around it. Our biggest garden pests are pigeons pheasants - most people are surprised by that! They are big fans of our brassicas (cabbages, sprouts etc), although some black cotton and bamboo cane seems to do the trick and send them elsewhere.

Here at Arthur's Organics we couldn't agree more! We're delighted to be working with Bob, and we are really impressed with the conscientious way that he and his family grow their produce. Slater Organics grow some of the most delicious produce in the region, and our Director Graham is almost uncontrollable during their broad bean season!.

If you're interested in buying our produce then check out our organic shop to see which Slater delights are in your box this week.

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Arthur St Trading Ltd, 2 Woodyard Cottages, Jubilee Lane, Rise. HU11 5BN | Telephone: 07949 805695 | Email:
A Workers Co-operative registered in England. | Organic Certification GB-ORG-05. | Reg No: 3843444. | VAT No: 842 9001 43.