• Organic Basil and Tomato Soup!
    Ali W here. I was lucky enough to receive a large bag of basil in our weekly veg box from Matt (the basil king!) in the walled garden, so I decided to make the most of this wonderful aromatic herb. I used so much in this recipe, I decided to call it basil and tomato […]
  • Our Walled Garden Update!
    Ali W here! I paid a visit to the Arthur’s Organics (Soil Association Certified) Walled Garden recently and I must say everything is looking amazing. I’m sure most of you have been enjoying the fresh produce in your box, and much of it is directly from the walled garden at the moment which is fantastic […]
  • Super Zingy Asian Carrot Salad!
    Ali W here. I don’t know about you, but sometimes we have a few carrots left over that are looking past their best. I don’t usually peel carrots, but in this instance it tends to make a brighter tastier recipe. This zingy Asian style carrot salad is healthy and tasty, and is a lovely side […]
  • Organic Turmeric and Cumin Baba Ganoush Recipe!
    Ali W here. What a joy to see one of the aubergines from the Arthur’s Organics walled garden in my veg box last week. I couldn’t help but think of the summery middle eastern dip – Baba Ganoush. I decided to invent my own twist on it by adding turmeric, coriander and roasted garlic, as […]
  • Bruschetta using up Leftover Bread!
    Ali W here! This is a tasty snack that I’ve written about before on our social media, and it cleverly uses up any leftover bread – it can be eaten hot, or cold (nice as a picnic) and is a real favourite of ours. I had the added bonus of receiving some absolutely amazing basil […]