• Our Walled Garden Update for July!
    Ali W here! It’s my walled garden update, where some (quite a lot at the moment!) of your produce that you receive in your veg box, is grown. Thank you to our very own Matt Turnbull for the extra photos – the full gallery is at the end of the article! It’s harvest time in […]
  • Perfect Organic White Basmati Rice using a Saucepan
    Ali W here! I love organic basmati rice (I love most rice, actually), and I always like using a rice cooker when we are in Asia. The rice cooker makes the rice fluffy, and you can keep it warm, a bit like a slow cooker, which I sometimes use for rice, so convenient. However, if […]
  • Slow Cooker Pho Broth!
    Ali W here! I’m a big fan of Pho, the combination of noodles, veg, fresh herbs, chillis and much more really suits me as a lunch dish. I make it frequently and tweak the recipe to match what I have available at the time, so by no means authentic! I’m often out Teaching Yoga in […]
  • Potato Wedge Recipe!
    Ali W here. I’m back from our tour around the UK and keen to get cooking! This wedge recipe is a tweaked version of my classic one, and knocks spots off anything from a takeaway or shop bought in my view. I like to eat them straight away, or leave to cool for a picnic […]
  • Our Walled Garden Update!
    Ali W here! Lots of progress in the walled garden, and as I’ve been sunning myself and enjoying the thrill rides at Thorpe Park, my mini update is virtual this time! thank you to Matt and Suzi for the pictures and information from last week, with a few addendums from this week! The image gallery […]