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Perfect Organic White Basmati Rice using a Saucepan

organic basmati rice

Ali W here! I love organic basmati rice (I love most rice, actually), and I always like using a rice cooker when we are in Asia. The rice cooker makes the rice fluffy, and you can keep it warm, a bit like a slow cooker, which I sometimes use for rice, so convenient. However, if I am short on time, I love this saucepan method, that guarantees fluffy white basmati every time.

Serves 2

Take 200g dried white basmati rice, give it a wash, if the packet suggests it.

Place in a pan, cover with cold (important) water, so there is about a 1cm margin of water above the dried rice.

Place a vented lid over it, then place on your lowest heat on your hob. Leave it for about 20 mins, don’t stir, don’t remove the lid (like I did for the photos!!!!). After 20 mins, lift the lid or look though a clear lid, and most of the rice should stand up and fluff perfectly! I sometimes eat mine straight away, or leave it to cool and then gently reheat later on or the following morning if I have made it in the afternoon. Ali W!