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Potato Wedge Recipe!

organic potato wedge recipe

Ali W here. I’m back from our tour around the UK and keen to get cooking! This wedge recipe is a tweaked version of my classic one, and knocks spots off anything from a takeaway or shop bought in my view. I like to eat them straight away, or leave to cool for a picnic snack. These are also yummy dipped in balsamic vinegar or mayo.

Serves 2

You’ll need:

One very large potato (as I had in my box that week) (or two smaller ones), no need to peel, slice into wedges

Seasoning mix – I used 1tsp each of smoked paprika, dried garlic and sea salt

Oil to bake: I used avocado.

How to: Simply coat the spuds in the seasoning and oil, then roast in 200c (fan) for about 20 mins until cooked through. I don’t like mine too crispy, but you can leave them for longer if you like them crispier! Enjoy. Ali W 🙂