Here at Arthur’s, we wholeheartedly welcome volunteers to help out in our Soil Association certified walled garden.

We grow many of the veggies that you find in your box there (depending on the season!), so it’s a real opportunity to see where your veg comes from. Our three acre garden is a safe, pesticide/herbicide free space, and offers a healthy and friendly environment. We are always appreciative of a helping hand, whether it be sowing, planting, harvesting, or the ubiquitous weeding that is so prevalent in organic growing. 

We open our space to individuals and family/ friends volunteers on a Monday and Thursday.

If you are part of an organised group, we may also be able to accommodate you, just get in touch using the details below. We’ve hosted some fantastic community groups in the past, such as Welcome to English, Hull Timebank and The Hull Growers Network. Our garden has a compost loo, parking can be arranged outside the garden, and everything is provided for you in terms of tools and equipment (apart from clothing and footwear), in addition to a cuppa and a warm welcome 💕 

If you are interested, just get in touch using the contact us page, or call Graham on 07949805695.

Please read our volunteer handbook by clicking this link.

Read what it’s like to be a volunteer below!

We have been volunteering at Arthur’s Organics walled garden at Rise once a week for just over a year. We always leave there feeling uplifted from being with the other volunteers and getting our hands in the soil. It’s such a rewarding way to spend time, and to see the changes through the seasons from sowing seeds to harvesting crops.

We enjoy all aspects of the work from preparing beds for planting, sowing seeds in the poytunnel, planting out seedlings, weeding, harvesting, weighing and bagging produce to waging war with our hori-horis against the couch grass!

Graham, who runs the garden, is always warm and welcoming, as is his partner Suzi, who actively encourages tea breaks and just doing as much as we can manage. The peace and quiet of the garden is enchanting, but if you don’t fancy working quietly, there’s always someone up for chatty working. Whatever the weather, our time at Rise is always time well spent.

Trevor & Julie

I’ve been going to Rise Walled Garden most weeks for over four years now. It’s remarkable to think that, in the days before chemically synthesised herbicides, pesticides and nitrogen fertilisers, this 3-acre space provided year-round vegetables and fruit for an entire village. 

The work changes with the seasons, but there is always wildlife to be observed – the early butterflies on the dandelions in spring, field voles and partridges in the long grass of summer, and even in the dead of winter the jackdaws that live in the dilapidated walls are out foraging for grubs from the soil, while occasionally a barn owl moves silently overhead.

I find even the “weeds” attractive. While the perennials, like Couch-grass and Broad-leaved dock, are a tedious nuisance, the Rise weeds also include a variety of attractive annual flowers. Among them are species now rare in the chemically-sterilised arable fields of Holderness, like the deep red Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) and the pale blue Speedwells (Veronica persica and V. agrestis).

The physical work involved means that, despite living in a town, I do not need to go to a gym to keep fit. Rise is inaccessible by public transport, and too far from Hull to cycle. However, existing volunteers like myself can offer lifts from Hull or Beverley – contact Graham Brooks on 07949 805695 for details.

Rohan – our longest standing volunteer! Rohan also wrote about organic gardening for the Hull Friends of the Earth magazine ECO in 2019 and 2020. Current and previous issues of ECO are on HFoE’s website https://hfoe.org.uk

Coming from the city, going to the walled garden is very calming and brings me back to being around nature and learning new things each time I go. The best part is seeing things grow that you have seeded then planted; it’s very rewarding. Each week I look forward to receiving a free veg box filled with lots of yummy vegetables and fruit for my volunteering help. 

I have a disability and love my time going to volunteer at Arthur’s Organics; a job is always found to suit my capabilities and help is always there if I need it from the volunteers.

Graham and Susan are both lovely people who thrive on wanting to create pure organic vegetables with no added chemicals. Any help you can offer will go a long way in keeping the organic garden going for many more years.