We work with our local suppliers to bring restaurants, caterers, businesses and local kitchens the best quality organic local produce at great prices. We also encourage the formation of Local Buying Groups where we’ll deliver you a bulk order of fruit and veg and you do the distribution……you can read our guidelines here and download our Wholesale Price List here.


Wholesale prices are available to restaurants, caterers, businesses and local kitchens. You can also get together with a group of five or more people (friends, family, neighbours, church or community group, etc.) who are interested in buying healthy local food at lower prices, and set up a Buyers Group. To qualify you need to be able to place an order with us of £50 or more.

Contact us before placing an order

Please contact us before placing an order to confirm when delivery will be; in order to qualify for free delivery you will have to be in an area that we currently deliver to, and also accept delivery according to our current scheduling. If you wish to receive your delivery at your own convenience then a delivery charge may be levied, please contact us by phone or email if you require further information.

Price List updates

Our Wholesale Price List is updated every Thursday afternoon and will be uploaded to our website around 5pm. Please check that the list you are using has the correct week commencing date before completing.

How to Order Wholesale

Orders can be sent to us by emailing info@arthursorganics.com with the completed Wholesale Price List Spreadsheet, but must be sent back to us by our 6pm Friday deadline for delivery in the following week.

Buyers Groups

For Buyers Groups simply select a venue for meeting once a week to receive and sort the food into individual orders. This could be someone’s house or garage, a church, pub or any other convenient location. Print out the Arthur Street Wholesale list (see note below) to take along to the first meeting, along with pens and paper for people to write down their orders. Collect all the orders together and add them all up to arrive at the total order to be sent to Arthur Street. Buyers Groups can arrange a specific time each week for everyone to come and sort out their orders. You will need a set of scales to weigh out the orders as well as some bags or boxes to put them in. At the same time everyone can place their order for the following week.


For orders of £100 and more Arthur Street will give a further 5% discount.

Notes on Prices

You will note that the Wholesale price list has three columns. The first represents the prices for a full box (e.g. 25kg potatoes). The second is the price per kilo or item (#) when a full box is ordered. The third column is the price per kilo or item if you order less than a full box. If you have storage space it would be in your best interests to order a full box of items such as potatoes and apples that keep well to be used in the following weeks, rather than smaller quantities each week.